Web Services for
Automotive Dealers

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About Us

DealerInventory.net is developing a powerful online platform for automotive dealers. The DI platform combines software and services specifically tailored to empower dealers for online success.

  • Inventory Management
    Offline-capable, mobile-ready progressive web app for fast, easy inventory management.
  • REST API + Syndication
    Grant 3rd-parties secure access to your inventory data. Control permissions to add, remove, and import inventory data and photos!
  • Lead Collection, Aggregation, & Integration
    All leads in one place, integration with numerous CRM's
  • Enterprise Capabilities
    Large dealers and OEM's can manage sub-accounts for unlimited dealer locations, partners, etc.
  • Content Management System
    Full-service, managed CMS
  • Custom Web Site Design + Hosting
    Modern, responsive site design and hosting services optimized for speed

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